Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm Back

Well the long awaited trip has come and gone. It was a crazy one for sure.
The original plan was to fly to Vegas and drive the 4 hours to Pasadena which happened more or less. Sunday our flight was delayed by 4 hours so we got to Vegas at like 3 in the morning and had to get up at 5 to make our Car reservation. So by the time we got to our Hotel and everything we got like an hour of sleep before we Drove out. Then our wonderful GPS system kept trying to get us lost in CA. But despite all the opposition we made it to Art Center with like 20 min to spare. I was Soooo nervous as you can understand, I was literally shaking. My wife was with me thankfully, and it was kind of a do or die moment for me.I was thinking "this is it, if they say I dont have a shot then I can move on" I was really that nervous. Well I don't want to brag or go into sorted details of the interview, but it went VERY VERY WELL!!! and it looks like I will be making the Move to Pasadena next summer. Now the application process isnt until Feb "offically" but I can start planning with some confidence about this next step after that interview. The people there were amazing. I was expecting a bunch of "art" snobs who look down from on high and define style and what is "it" but I couldnt have been further from the truth. I met with Corey an admissions counselor, and he was great. Even beyond Great he really was looking out for what Art Center had to offer me specifically.

Im really excited. The Entertainment Design degree is a farely new one at the Art Center and they only Accept 18 people per year. And Im not accepted yet but it's looking very promising. In order to apply they want to see a specific portfolio that shows a solid process of conceptual thinking. They want me to pick a story basically and just do all the concept art for the Characters, vehicles, props, and Environments... so basically like my Senior BFA project. Ive Picked a story and Im starting on the project already. I dont think I will be posting a lot of stuff from it until its a little closer to being done, and Im closer to the Feb deadline. This also means that I will probably be cutting down on posting overall as well. Not that it makes a big difference, their are only like 4 people who read this anyway. So to you 4 you can now have that 2 1/2 mins of your life back which my posts have been consuming.

For anyone who is interested my new project is a story which I have come up with, and takes place between the first and second world wars and involves aliens, Nazis, and the Occult. Im excited. So Thats my really good news for the day. If you want a more detailed version of how things went I would be more than happy to send you a 20 page email that will contain mostly !!!!!!! and expressions like " I CANT BELIEVE IT"
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uglymuffin said...

Hey Trevor! Geez I turn my back and the next thing I know, you're thinking of going to the legendary Art Center?? That's really amazing. I'm really stoked to hear that things are looking good for you. Tell your wife hello from me and Bregelle. Congrats again!