Monday, December 21, 2009

AVATAR in 3D is why movies are made.

I just had my mind grapes blown to smithereens. The $13 admission to see Avatar in 3d is probably the best money I have spent in a while, and that's saying something cause we just got a new 50in Plasma and a new Xbox 360 elite. This movie has literally changed the way I look at all movies. I didn't just watch it... I experienced it. If you think you have seen a movie in 3d before then you are mistaken because Avatar redefines what is possible and even conceivable in movie making. The way the cinematography moves your eye with an extra dimension is something that everyone needs to witness for themselves. The movie is happening before your own eyes and you cant help but to buy into the characters and worlds that are being presented to you. At one point during an action sequence I actually winced and jerked out of the way of what I deemed an actual object being hurled at me. James Cameron truly understood how to handle the 3d aspect of this process and doesn't insult the audience with cheap parlor tricks that other 3d movies have been riddled with. It adds so much to the total experience that it would be a waste not to see this movie in 3D. The format it was designed for. So if you are reading this then do yourself a favor call someone with an passion for good movie making that is of equal or of greater value than your own and go see this as soon as possible, because you are going to want someone with which to connect as soon as the credits start to roll and the brain matter starts to ooze out of you ear canal. I am always ready to geek out about it as well should you be lacking of people willing to accommodate. GO SEE IT!

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Hannah Christenson said...

Wow. That sounds like a great movie. TOO BAD I'M IN CHINA! I wish that theaters existed here too. Thanks for the comment, yo, maybe that's what you'll get for Christmas. hehe o__0