Monday, June 15, 2009

DS sketch

Well I know its been a while and this is not by any means going to make up for it, but This was a short 15 min sketch I did while at the Webelos day camp here in blackfoot. I Brought my DS along to do some painting and the battery died after about 15 min, so that is why its a 15min sketch. I really enjoy using the Ds to paint for a number of reasons. The main reason being its portablity , second is that it doesnt have Apple Z... I know I know, that is one of my most valuable skills as an artist... that little flick of my little pinky and middle finger that makes the world seem a little safer each step back into the past... but I really do like that it makes me think about the strokes before I commit. Anyway Im going to try and do some more of these in an effort to enhance my painting skills.

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