Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fall 2007 semester

well everything is going prett well . I am really enjoying the motion design class that Im in, and Im learning a lot about after effects, which is awesome. Ill have to post some of the assignments we have been doing. The BFA progress is somewhat slowed lately because I dont have a lot of free time, but it will make it. I start the BFA class next semester so Im excited to have as much of a head start on that as possible. I ve decided to do " the aspects of graphic design as applied to video games" meaning that I will showcase the different fields of graphic design (like pakaging, advertising, etc.) while still keeping the same concept of a game that I would one day like to produce. So anyway if you were wondering what was going on in my life there you have it, if not ... well then you just dont have to read this at all.

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