Tuesday, January 30, 2007

RED illustration Friday

Well Red was the topic and ya cant get more RED than communism, and you cant get much more communist than Stalin, so this is what finally came out. I really enjoy this technique, its a little time consuming but it's worth it. I learned a bunch of new things on photoshop as well that Im excited for. I hope you all enjoy... and NO its not Saddam. Thanks for your comments everyone.


tinklemeyer said...

No thought bubble? It's better that way I think. I loved this idea, good one pal.

uglymuffin said...

that darn Saddam Hussain, he's as red as they get. argh.

David Theriault said...

Yes... Saddam Hussein... And those darn communists! Osama bin Ladin... All of em! And let's not forget that Timothy McVeigh feller either.

Anyway... I like this picture.
The only things I would suggest is pushing the values. Something about Stalin's mustache and eyebrows being way darker than even his eyes and shadows under the nose and stuff, looks kinda funny.
And that hammer and sickle should be bigger I think. I wish Stalin overlapped it and that it wasn't the same red as the background.
Also... It'd be cool if his eyes were red or reflected a red hammer and sickle(it would give the picture more concept--cause right now, it could even be a "pro-stalin" propaganda poster).
Sorry this post is so long... I'm stopping... now--

Mike Laughead said...

My favorite part is the shadows and stuff on the face and hair, they do not mesh with the harsh lines of the rest of the illo. Also, the sickle and hammer should be a more prominant feature. Make the whole thing as soft and subtle as the face and it would look great.

Dani said...

I think you should experiment a little with texture. I'm not sure if it would make your image better, but it's a possibility. The hammer and sickle are a little too hard to see, and it looks like you just stuck it in the corner. I would experiment with the size and placement a little more.